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The electronic form below was created to match this generic Patient Registration form, which is similar to a typical paper form.

It’s pre-filled to save you time and the awkwardness of inputting dummy content. Feel free to change any of it, or scroll down to the end to sign it as-is and receive a filled-out PDF attached to an email.

Image of a generic patient registration paper form.

Patients won’t see anything they don’t need. Your forms will be branded with a unique link to a clean page with your logo.

Demo – Patient Registration

Patient Information

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My signature below certifies that I have read and agree to Healthcare Provider’s payment policy. I am eligible for the insurance indicated on this form, and I understand that payment is my responsibility regardless of insurance coverage. I authorize Healthcare Provider to release any medical information to my insurance carrier or third-party payer to facilitate the processing of my claims. I choose to receive communications about appointments, feedback, treatment, and payment from Healthcare Provider at the number or address above.

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